Fundamentals for cleaning a commercial kitchen

A spotless commercial kitchen is extremely important for health & safety reasons. With regular maintenance, commercial cleaning does not have to be a particularly difficult or time-consuming task.

The best approach to professionally cleaning a commercial kitchen is to divide the job into a series of smaller tasks.

Here are some basic tips on how to professionally clean hard surfaces, non-carpeted floors, and bins.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

  • Set any storage items to the side.
  • Remove loose debris from the surface, and discard into a bin.
  • Holding the bottle about eight to 12 inches away from the surface to avoid over-spray, spray cleaner onto the area to be cleaned.

Cleaning Non-Carpet Flooring

  • Sweep the floor first.
  • Mop the floor with a hot soapy-water solution.
  • Mop the floor a second time with a fresh bucket of plain hot water to clean up any excess soap.

Cleaning Out Bins

  • Remove the bin bag from each bin.
  • Make sure no liquid drips onto the floor, dispose of the bin bags properly, recycling if possible.
  • Using a cleaning solution, scrub the containers both on the inside and on the outside with a non-food contact brush or scouring pad.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Empty the dirty water.
  • Allow the containers to air-dry.
  • Place new bin bags in the containers.
  • Place containers back into their proper locations.

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