Exeter Cleaning can cater for all your commercial cleaning needs including deep cleaning of kitchens, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and pressure washing. We also have a head for heights – along with the training and insurances to clean up high!

We offer office cleaning in Devon, industrial units, kitchens, hotels, hospitals, schools, shops and any other buildings. We can isolate, decontaminate and fumigate all situations and have experience dealing with larger and specialist locations.

Indeed, our attention to detail and high quality service has meant that we have done a lot of cleaning in medical facilities which, naturally, demand the very highest standards of cleaning. Our experience includes providing clinical cleans prior to ward openings and before new build hospital openings.

Our cleaning work at the RD&E Hospital has included a range of services including on new facilities such as the new maternity unit in Exeter

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Carpet Cleaning in Exeter and Devon

Carpets in commercial environments get a lot of punishment and need special treatment to keep them at their best.

For those who want the peace of mind that contract carpet cleaning gives, you will not find better than Exeter Cleaning. We provide reliable and conscientious cleaners who know how to get the best out of your carpet – leaving it clean and removing those nasty spills and marks. Our Exeter cleaners are trained by us and we, like you, expect great things from them.

Our Exeter carpet cleaning services can either be provided standalone or together with our other cleaning services. Whether it’s simply carpet cleaning or wider contract cleaning or provision of your cleaning essentials such as the supply of consumables and your feminine hygiene requirements, we will work with you to identify the best and most cost effective service possible.

Contract Window Cleaning in Exeter

For those who want the peace of mind that a regular window cleaner gives then you will not find better than Exeter Cleaning for commercial, retail or office window cleaning.

We maintain the cleanliness of your windows without any marks and take the risk away from doing it yourself. At Exeter Cleaning, we have specialist cleaners that can also do ‘at height’ work along with other forms of specialist and complex cleaning.

Our reliable, conscientious Exeter cleaners always perform to the highest standards and, in accordance with our sustainability policies and support for local businesses, we aim to source our products locally and ensure they are environmentally friendly. We can provide window cleaning with our other contract cleaning services or as a stand-alone service to suit your needs.